Nice has the most modern urban supervision center (USC).

Created in 2010 and currently operating 1672 cameras, it brings together all the technologies that can be deployed by communities, supported by software from different generations.

The urban supervision center (USC) is included into an operational command center.

This operational command center (OCC) is composed of several entities to cover many operational objectives (supervision center, radio center, call-center, alarm management center, replay  and extraction center, meeting-room / crisis management)

Regarding cameras:

Several types of cameras are implemented depending of the uses and deployment periods : analogue cameras, high definition cameras, thermal cameras, multi-target cameras, etc

Regarding transport safety:

In July 2015, inauguration of an innovative device which allows to secure the tramway.

This device is composed of 170 high-definition cameras deployed inside the 28 tram units composing the line 1 of the tramway.

Images are transmitted in real time and with 4G technology to the USC. Currently, an experiment is conducted to provide the entire line with WIFI coverage in order to improve the quality of the images sent back to the USC and to offer WIFI to all users.

Regarding intelligent videosurveillance (IVS):

Since 2011, Nice and the Nice Côte d’Azur METROPOLE are looking for innovating devices to assist operators in video protection to exploit the information generated by all the cameras, in real time and in time-differed replay .

Several intelligent video surveillance devices have been integrated to the video system according to 2 important categories:

– 1st generation IVS: camera automatic motion (Preposition, patrol, automatic motion detection)

–  2nd generation IVS: creation of alert in real time in case of detection of abnormal behaviors previously computerized (intrusion, virtual patrol, suspicious package, gathering, …)

–   3rd generation IVS: creation of metadata from recorded images allowing to apply filters to posterior (as color, size, velocity, direction,  …)

Moreover, every BOSCH IP Camera has  on-board IVA that could be occasionally activated based on the future user’s needs.

Finally, in 2016, for the EURO, the city of Nice conducted a really concluding experiment which was: facial recognition.

This technology is however subjected to the regulatory developments.

Additional warning devices :

After Paris attacks in 2015, warning devices coupled with the existing video system has been set up.

The purpose is to prevent and respond to possible threats (organized crime, terrorism, …) on administrative, cultural centers, and so-called sensitive sites and personnel (as schools, theaters, …) and shops wishing to join “Video-connected  shops” service.

Currently, 522 warning units have been deployed and a hundred are currently being deployed.

The addition of all these technologies and the video-protection operators knowledge enable to act effectively on delinquency and to facilitate the solving of crimes and offenses (more than 800 arrests every year and 1000 judicial requisitions)

After a one-hour presentation, all partners will answer all the questions that might be asked.

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